The Internet is A Powerful Place

One day, I hope to have a conversation with the folks listed and thank them as they have indirectly helped my career. If you have a connect to someone listed below, go ahead and slide into my email. I promise the conversation will be fruitful!
(Not listed in any order)

Sylvia Rhone
Charles King
Nina Shaw
Dina LaPolt
Marcus Cobb √
Ethiopia Habetmariam √
Lou Taylor
Kasi Lemmons
Amber Grimes √
Mimi Valdés √
Deneise Davis
Effie Brown
Dawn Porter
Anastasia Wright √
Dennis Richelieu
Emily Best √
Adriane Biondo
Andre Harrell
Barry Jenkins
Melina Matsoukas
Khalil Joseph
Nzingha Stewart
Terence Nance
Steve Stoute
Matthew Cherry √
Troy Carter

√=it already happened!

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